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Establishing legal recognition of paternity can benefit both mothers and fathers as well as the child. Finding out who the father is can help ensure that the mother will receive child support payments, if the situation warrants. Once a father has established paternity, he can begin a relationship with his child and assert his parental rights.

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Determining The Father Of A Child

Paternity suits are fairly common and relatively straightforward. Any mother or possible father can file a petition if the parentage of a child is in question. If the court grants the petition, a simple test will be used to collect the DNA from the mother, alleged father and the child. If the alleged father turns out to be the actual father, steps can be taken to establish the father’s rights, enforce child support payments, and to set up a visitation and parenting plan.

Paternity Testing And Beyond

I do not have to end my legal representation once you have received the results of a paternity test. I can act as your attorney for all other issues that often come along with a paternity suit. I will thoroughly explain the process and what to expect when you visit my law office.

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